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Piano & Voice teacher Sparks and Reno NV, with lessons available for Tahoe Truckee, Fernley, Fallon areas and Zoom,  we have it all! Sign up for your first FREE consultation!

Music Lessons Music Lessons

Welcome! Want to learn how to play piano?  Want to learn how to sing?  Want to enhance your current musical abilities?  Sign up for your first FREE consultation!

Voice Lessons Voice Lessons

Want to learn to sing better? Kids singing all the time? See what your voice can do with vocal training!

Piano Lessons Piano Lessons

Want to learn how to play piano?  Are your kids interested in learning piano?  Experienced pianist? Get started now with your first FREE consultation!


Piano and Voice Lessons available in Reno, Sparks NV and Zoom!

You have reached the website of Baldwin Studios where we provide piano and voice lessons.

Seeking a piano teacher for piano lessons?

Would your kids like to learn how to play piano?  Do they enjoy the sound of the piano and love to press the keys?

Beginners to advanced welcome!  Would you like to learn piano as beginner? Would you like to improve your experience and ability to perform like a virtuoso?

Seeking a voice teacher for voice lessons?

Would you like to learn how to sing better as beginner or try to become a pro?  Are you or your kids singing all the time?  Do they like to listen to music, sing, play, dance, bop to the beat?

Sign up for your first FREE LESSON!   Beginning to advanced piano or voice instruction available.

All styles, genres of music from classical to contemporary and jazz piano are taught.  Specialize in one genre or learn many.  Singing instruction is available for for all styles of music ranging from popular, folk, jazz, rock, theater, opera and more!

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What we do

Music Lessons


Enjoy recordings of your live performances. Students may also schedule recording sessions!

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Learning and playing music makes the world a brighter place!

  • Practicing
    Paying attention to detail every day gets the results!
  • Devotion
    Working hard and not giving up makes things happen!
  • Musicianship
    There is no better way to express music other than becoming really good!
  • Performing
    Bring your prepared music to others every chance you can!
  • Entertaining
    We are not just passive, we ARE the entertainment!
  • Creating
    Music is an artists pallet and we are the musical painter! Color your world!

Lesson Rates

Rates below may vary depending on how many weeks are in the month,  as well as skill level and other factors.

Piano Basics

45 minute lessons per week.

Introduction to piano and the basics of how to read, practice and play piano music.


Experienced Pianists

1 hour lessons per week

Learning classical, contemporary, jazz or pop styles,  musical line and expression, optional competitions.


Basic Singing

45 minute lessons per week

Ear training and tuning the voice,  simple melodies and lyrics,  folk tunes, discovering vocal range.


Sing Like a Pro!

1 hour lessons per week

Further developing vocal sound quality,  discovering new genres and styles,  emphasizing unique vocal characteristics,  optional recording and mixing, vocal coaching and competition level performing.


First FREE Lesson

20 minute Free Consultation

This is a chance to meet and speak about the overall process.  Basic techniques are discussed,  beginners to advanced all welcome!

/20 min
Baldwin Studios Music

Live Recordings

Here are some live piano and vocal performances of Richard Baldwin. Please enjoy!

1Strollin' in Tahoe ~ R. Baldwin
Pianist/Composer Richard Baldwin (Jazz Piano)
2Concert Etude No. 3 in Db 'Un Sospiro' ~ Franz Liszt
Pianist Richard Baldwin (Traditional/Romantic)
332 Variations in Cm ~ L.V. Beethoven
Pianist Richard Baldwin (Traditional/Classical)
4Sonata in B Minor k.27 ~ D. Scarlatti
Pianist Richard Baldwin (Traditional/Baroque)
5Foggy Day In London Town
Vocalist Richard Baldwin with Joanne Grauer Trio (Jazz)
6Green Dolphin Street
Vocalist Richard Baldwin with Joanne Grauer Trio (Jazz)
8Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Vocalist Richard Baldwin with Joanne Grauer Trio (Jazz)

What's Your Style?

Traditional Piano
Traditional Piano
Jazz Piano & Voice
Jazz Piano & Voice
Musical Theater
Musical Theater
Pop & R&B
Pop & R&B
Rock N Roll
Rock N Roll
Country & Blues
Country & Blues

Lessons Overview

  • Key recognition
  • Ear training
  • Reading music
  • Rhythm training
  • Creating original ideas
  • Good playing technique
  • Fingers, arms and body coordination
  • Visual skills
  • Memorizing
  • Practicing techniques
  • How to progress
  • Intro to scales, chords
  • Sight reading accuracy
  • Steady rhythm
  • Phrase and style
  • Theory & harmonic structures
  • Simple composition
  • Speed & accuracy
  • Memorization
  • Dexterity & expression
  • Fingers, hands & body techniques
  • Scales, chords & arpeggios
  • Performing
  • Musical interpretation
  • Theory & harmony structures
  • Variations of scales & arpeggios
  • Practice development
  • Musical flow
  • Faster sight-reading
  • Hand & finger technique
  • Mechanical development
  • Memorization development
  • Virtuosity development
  • Chord chart reading, interpretation
  • Chord improvisation (Jazz/Pop)
  • Styles development
  • Music history
  • Composition
  • Accompaniment
  • Performing
  • Competing
  • Studio recording
  • Finding ideal vocal range
  • Ear training
  • Pitch recognition
  • Vocal tuning
  • Following basic melody
  • Vowel creation
  • Breath support
  • Posture
  • Anatomy of the voice
  • Vocal range understanding
  • Learning simple songs
  • Reading Music
  • Basic Keyboard Layout
  • Tone development
  • Phrase development
  • Lyric diction
  • Musical interpretation
  • Genre interpretation
  • Score reading
  • Singing with Karaoke
  • Singing with groups
  • Singing with live accompaniment
  • Live performing
  • Live recordings
  • Power singing
  • Muscle development
  • Physiological vocal processes
  • Effects of music
  • Vocal Stamina
  • Vocal coaching
  • Range development
  • Genre development
  • Artistic expression
  • Artistic interpretation
  • Memorization technique
  • Musical style
  • Phrase charactaristics
  • Group harmony
  • Ear & tone development
  • Pitch interpretation
  • Melodic structures & Form
  • Theoretical concepts in song
  • Theatrics in singing
  • Breath support & development
  • Singing to crowds
  • Entertainment Industry details
  • Modern marketing options
  • Development of unique vocal styles
  • Studio recording
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