It is a 20 minute consultation for us to get to know each other.  For pianists who have been playing music already,  please bring in what you have been working on recently or anything memorized.

For vocalists,  please sing anything you know, recordings of your music or something memorized to sing acapella.  Or just show up and we will start from there!

This is a time to discover skill level,  basic goals and experiences in music.  We will also discuss the lessons process of how to possibly enhance your musical abilities.

Anyone with the desire to learn music may enroll!  Muscles are usually same for all so let’s see what you can do?

6 years and up.

For students under 6 years it depends on attention levels and desire to learn in order to see how ready they are for lessons.

Lessons are once per week on the same day.  Those with busy high school or college work loads may reschedule as needed,  but regularity weekly is preferred.

Lessons are paid by month either from 1st-15th,  or the 15th-31st of the month.  Payments made after the due period please add $20 to your amount.  Thank you.

If there is a 5 week month then please add payment for the 5th extra week.

For those in upper high school or college, schedules and workloads may make it difficult to keep consistent. Lesson days can be adjusted on an individual basis.

Cash, checks (made to Baldwin Studios),  Venmo (preferred) or all major Credit Cards via Stripe (small fee applies).

Please no! It is nearly impossible to balance a budget with random monthly payments!  Please no exceptions regardless of the month!

Taking a vacation?  Please pay the monthly anyway and missed lessons can be easily rescheduled.  Credit lessons are especially helpful to use before performing or recording!

Need more than two lessons off?  Then please make payment for the current month away first.  When you return we can adjust a future month that is agreeable.  Thank you!

Please give a 24hr notice to reschedule a lesson!  Not showing up or canceling a lesson at the last minute makes it hard to make up.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19,  please do not attend lessons if you are not feeling well!  Your lessons may be rescheduled or credited with a later reschedule no problem!

Please see COVID-19 policy for more details.

Missed lessons can be made up as a credit if 24 hours or more notice is given.  Lessons can be rescheduled during the same week or  month,  or later months as a credit.

If you may feel unwell in any way,  COVID-19 exceptions will apply!  We can make any missed up as needed.

For piano lessons you will need an acoustic piano and it should be tuned at least once a year.  Keyboards are also possible if they have weighted keys and more than 67 keys.

For voice you will need a small keyboard to be able to read music and sing melodies,  as well as tune your voice to perfectly tuned pitches.

Zoom is the same as in person. Methods are the same other than slightly altered.  Read more on Zoom lessons here.

If you have the desire to improve you will improve!  However, there is no guarantee.  There are too many factors as a part of the process which make it hard to know how you will improve.  Try, try and success may eventually happen!

A 30-day notice to stop lessons is required please!  The entire monthly time-slot is reserved upon your payment,  along with a reservation made for the following month (total of 60 days from payment).  Stopping days before a payment is due creates unnecessary hardship!

There are no cash refunds, especially if stopping lessons mid-month.  Instead,  you may return anytime to reschedule your credited missed lessons.  Thank you!

Yes!  Baldwin Studios reserves the right to turn anyone away!  Reasons for turning someone away might be:

  • Poor practice, attitude or overall performance.
  • Obvious signs of lack of enthusiasm or zeal.
  • Lack of desire to learn new material or concepts.
  • Too many other activities to be productive in music.
  • Too many missed lessons.
  • Irregular payments.
  • Late for lessons.

Situations and reasons may vary.

For pianists,  if you do not have a piano yet,  please get one before enrolling!  Also if you have not listened to piano music of all styles and genres please do so first!

Don’t have a piano?  To test whether or not piano is right for you or your kids,  how about visiting a relative or friends house and see if your kids are interested in playing their piano?  How about asking to borrow a piano from a relative not using theirs? Or try,  auction forums or thrift stores and see if anyone is giving away a piano for a good price or even free?  Make sure ALL the piano keys,  pedals and all inner components work and soundboard is not cracked!  Wait 30 days or more until getting it tuned by a professional tuner to let the piano settle into your home climate/atmosphere.  For your small investment of delivering it yourself free or using a professional delivery at $100 or so,  you may get lots of enjoyment!

After the piano has been introduced in the home and is well played after few weeks or so,  then it is time to enroll!  This way piano lessons are not the first intro to the keys!

Once enrolled for a while you should feel confident enough to browse local music stores to purchase a nicer instrument.    NOTE: Piano stores usually offer students of Baldwin Studios super prices/deals for DIRECT referrals!  Exclusive lower prices may be available?   Local stores include Carpenter’s Music World and the Steinway Piano Gallery.

Vocalists:  If you have serious vocal issues such as damage to your voice or throat (currently or in the past) please mention this in the Message box when you Sign Up for lessons.  If unsure,  please first see a ‘Nose and Throat’ (Otolaryngologist) or ENT doctor FIRST before enrolling.  Once checked up you should be ready to work your voice without risk of further damage!

Vocalists with Asthma, extreme allergies, throat or physical conditions, prescribed medications or anything worth mentioning concerning your ability to sing should please say something about it in the comments area of the form!  

Vocalists who have recently had whiplash or damage to the neck, shoulders or related vocal areas should wait until healed back to normal,  or you have been cleared by a doc or specialist that you are ready for vocal training!

Please ask if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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