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Richard has been a piano and voice teacher for about 30 years. 

He started playing piano at about 7 years old. His first interest in playing was when he heard his mother practicing and wanted to play something similar or more advanced than what he was hearing. He also wanted to create new music that was not on the radio or recordings.

After trying to figure out the keys at a young age, he finally enrolled in piano lessons. He was happy to be able to play new music and has continued playing music from all over the world from classical to jazz to popular music.

Richard lived in Holland and England for a few years in his youth and studied with piano teachers there. He traveled throughout Europe with his family and went to cultural events,  concerts and experienced music from many countries.

In the early 1980’s he moved back to the USA and while in high school studied with a piano teacher from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). When he moved to Northern California he studied with teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Stockton California.

Richard received his Bachelors Degree in Piano Performance in 1996 from the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California (UOP).

While at UOP and beyond, Richard studied voice, opera and theater music. As First Tenor he traveled on tours throughout Europe with a competitive choir and performed in concerts with opera and orchestra.

In 1991 Richard began teaching private piano and voice lessons as his full-time occupation.

In 1993 Richard became a Cantor (singer as regular weekly position in a church). He performed vocal songs for weekly services, events and special occasions including Weddings. He averaged 2 to 5 special occasion services a week and regular services on weekends over a span of 12 years (about 1500+ various types of services!).

Richard has been a regular accompanist for vocalists, instrumentalists, choirs, dance, theater and more!

Richard also has experience with a recording studio and USB/MIDI digital synthesizers, audio equipment and computer music software for mixing and composing.

Richard has also worked at a trendy pop radio station conducting marketing research and learning about how the popular music scene works. He intermingled with DJ’s,  artists and fans of the music they love to hear!

Richard moved to Reno Nevada in 2004 and has enjoyed the scenic vistas of the Tahoe, Truckee area,  the rivers, the mountains and wildlife.

Richard is also a member of the NNMTA (Norther Nevada Music Teachers Association) as well as alumni member of PHI MU ALPHA Professional Music Fraternity.

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Last updated: September 2021

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