The Studio

Piano students play the Steinway M.  The piano helps students reach their fullest potential!  (Note: For in-person lessons please see the latest updates per COVID-19 Policy.)  

Duets and accompaniments for piano pieces are played on the Yamaha Clavinova piano (see pic below).

Vocal students are accompanied by the Steinway grand for exercises and songs.

Youtube Karaoke is also available using your blue tooth on your phone to play songs on the studio sound system.

Professional keyboards are available for creating tracks for mixing,  composing and arranging.  Computer software allows students to write original music.


What could be better than a moment in time to remember?

Piano students may record on the Steinway M.  To record,  students need to be at performance levels of playing where music is memorized and all issues have been worked out so the recording is quick and easy.

How about remembering those vocal moments?  There is a padded vocal recording booth for vocal students!  To use the studio equipment,  students should be at performance level with their songs,  coached and memorized.

Please ask about recordings if you have questions. Whatever your goals are for music,  Baldwin Studios can help you get there!

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