Zoom lessons are available during COVID-19 distancing.  Anyone may Zoom instead of being in person.  Zoom lessons are the same cost as regular lessons.  The process is also the same as in person other than a few minor changes to the sequence of things.  For example,  with vocalists the exercises are shown by example with a pitch given to start with,  the Zoom student then repeats what they heard for the exercise.

For pianists the process is nearly the same as in person other than a few changes to how ideas are presented.  For example,  when receiving instruction,  the student will see the concept from example and repeat the instructions in their playing.

IMPORTANT: Zoom students are encouraged to try to meet at least once or twice a month in-person at the studio.  This way the process stays as effective as possible.  Depending on the student, some may excel just fine with Zoom-only lessons.  For others,  Zoom-only lessons may sometimes seem too distant to be effective at all.  Just being in person can help the momentum and flow of things.  As an alternative,  it may be helpful to start the first month or two with in-person lessons.  Once things are flowing well,  then get into doing just Zoom lessons.  As a third option,  taking lessons via Zoom only and then if things are getting less effective,  begin in-person lessons for a while.

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