Reno Sparks Tahoe Truckee Fernley Fallon and beyond,  Zoom piano & voice lessons are available!  In fact anyone anywhere may Zoom with Baldwin Studios!  Since the slowdown on in-person lessons in 2020,  Zoom lessons have thrived to amazing levels now in 2021!  Student progress is better than ever!

An advantage on Zoom lessons is that piano lessons in Tahoe, Truckee and other areas like Fernley,  Fallon and more can enjoy learning with amazing results.  Some may still prefer not to drive into the Reno area,  some prefer to learn at home,  or the distance to the studio is far,  traffic in the city is difficult,  or COVID-19 distancing per Nevada recommendations are still in effect.  Although Nevada is opening things up again finally,  Zoom will always be available and even preferred!

Zoom lessons are the same cost as regular lessons.  The process is also the same as in person other than a few minor changes to the sequence of things.  For example,  with vocalists the exercises are shown by example with a pitch given to start with,  the Zoom student then repeats what they heard for the exercise.

For pianists the process is nearly the same as in person other than a few changes to how ideas are presented.  For example,  when receiving instruction,  the student will see the concept from example and repeat the instructions in their playing.

Depending on the student, some may excel just fine with Zoom-only lessons.  For others,  Zoom-only lessons may sometimes seem distant. For this reason in-person lessons may also be available depending.  Please ask for more details.

Zoom has also been used for performances and recitals!  As Nevada opens up,  live recital venues are now finally opening again.  So students can Zoom lessons and perform live performances with an actual in-person audience hopefully soon again!  Read more here.

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